Welcome to Essence of the Desert

Hello, all.  My name is Mimi Kamp and I’m an herbalist and artist based in the borderlands of southeastern Arizona.   I see this site as  a valuable resource  for anyone who is, or hopes to be, encountering and exploring wildness, habitat and plant medicine in the southwest (Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, as well as some of the higher and cooler mountain terrain).  The year 2011 brought an intensity of Drought Freeze and Fire into my territory and I had planned to post on this theme, but my feet took me into other pursuits.  I hope,  in spite of my silence, to have made this blog useful to visitors.   Please take a look at the links, recommended books, flower essence definitions, photography and illustrations, and hopefully you will find something that strikes a cord.

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Also, if you have ever worked with essences or the vibrational energies of southwestern plants, particularly those in my extended territory (Arizona, with emphasis on the southern half of the state, to a lesser extent New Mexico, into northern Sonora and west to the Sea of Cortez);  if you have had experiences with extreme or subtle and sometimes unexpected  responses to the vibrational – or to the physical – medicines, or explored new (to western herbalism) herbal uses for plants from this desert area, I would love to hear from you!  I am always craving feedback on the essences and tinctures I have made, as well as on the direct exchanges  I have had with the plants themselves.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences are all facets of a plant portrait.

Thanks for stopping by;   I share with you desert sun…and desert rain.  ^^^^O^^^^

ps.  Like all of you, I play global as well as local.  Don’t be surprised if I start talking about plants of the eastern woodlands!  One extreme calls up it’s opposite…and we have history…or maybe I’ll get enchanted by the jungle…all in reference to a desert base….


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