This category is really about recognizing, accessing and participating in a vibrational exchange with plants.

The energy of this interchange can be invited into little bottles, focused and transmitted through photographs, but is most often about just being in nature, rubbing elbows with our fellow beings from the plant world.  It is about habitat, community, mountains and rain.  It is about present moment and listening to what balanced beings have to teach us about impermanence, grace and open heart…about the dance of earth stuff with the sky of possibility.

And it is about grasping at this dance with mind and body,with words and categories.  It is about translating soul and spirit with the tinker tools of human culture – how else do we communicate these ethereal experiences to others?

That said, ‘FLOWER ESSENCES‘ most generally refers to the energies of flowers carried in water and often preserved with alcohol, sometimes vinegar or vegetable glycerine.  They are used for emotional, mental, spiritual, and even at times physical imbalances, crises, support and opening.  These energies have traditionally been collected by floating flowers on the surface of a bowl of good water, often for a few hours – then the flowers are removed and the water preserved (25-30% cane or grain alcohol, 50% other alcohols such as brandy).  This ‘mother essence’ is usually diluted twice before use, though not always.  The second dilution or ‘dosage’ is often carried around in a 1oz dropper bottle.  Dosage is most generally 4 drops or more under tongue or in glass of water.

Live or living essences are made without picking the flower or any part of the plant, rather setting the bowl close to the plant and, after a meditative attunement or entrainment, asking that plant being to  bring its healing influence into the water, to make it available for those elsewhere, those in need.  I often touch the water to the flowers, sometimes to those on different plants of that species, before setting it down – sometimes in the sun, sometimes shade, sometimes moon or stars – to “cook”.   Every plant is is different and each releases in its own preferred way.   Learning these ways comes from observation and time spent with the plants, watching when flowers open and when they close, when they release their perfume, etc.

I feel that these remedies represent the individual plants species,  sometimes the individual plant, and as such might better be called ‘PLANT ESSENCES’.   The flower is often the most energetically accessible  part of the plant, but not always… and is not necessary to make a strong, true essence.

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